Liberty Railway Services Inc.

        Colorado's Premier Freight Car Repair Facility

        Delivering Carrier: BNSF



          AAR M1003 Quality Assurance Certifications since 1994

          M214 Truck Side Frames and Bolsters

          M970 Certifications/Recertifications

          Appendix B Satellite Shop

          Status 9A Roller Bearing End Cap 

          Rule 88 and Heavy Freight Car Repairs

          Blast, Paint and computerized lettering

          Electronic Billing Available

          Servicing Autoracks, Boxcars, Covered Hoppers,

          Gondolas, Flats, TOFC/COFC, Articulated Equipment

          Modification and Maintenance Programs

          From heavy wrecks to random bad orders, we handle it all.


Providing customer satisfaction through personalized service

 598 North States Avenue   Pueblo West, CO 81007

 Phone: (719) 544-6867      Fax: (719) 545-4420